Tuesday, June 1, 2010


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Wow..what a suprised i got again on 27th May 2010!!My friends gave bee yoke and me a belated birthday's cake!!haha..At first, we were planned to try satay nearby my house!!again, it was planned long time ago and finally we did it!!It's delicious as how i had described it for the first time i had tried with my freinds-Mei Leng and Kai loon.Afterthat, we decided to have second round yum cha, and i totally don't know there were a purpose behind of this second round!!i thought it was just a simple yum cha chit chat!!Haha..we were seperated in two cars headed to Uncle John cafe..Owh..lydia and i were in bee yoke's car, however, another car was drove by en ting(actually, they were heading to bakery shop.)!!Again, a big thanks for them!!♥

Bee Yoke and Me ((:

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