Thursday, June 10, 2010

1, 2, 3, 4 FREEZE!!!!

Something that i found it is interesting!I spotted this from one of my friend had shared it in Facebook!This is cool and interesting!!As u can see, everyone is froze with different action. They can really hold for around 2 minutes without moving or blinking their eyes..know what?There will be one this frozen activity organising in Dataran Pahlawan,Melaka on this coming Sunday.They are now recruiting members to move this on..haha..I wonder how will be Malaysian's reaction when see this happen?!i guess this will they react:-

passerby A:hey,what happen to this people?they are blocking the way...
passerby B:apa sal youngster ni tak bergerak sini..kena rasuk ka?nak jalan pun tak boleh..
passerby C:(hokkien)haiyoo..ji pai gin kia jia ba bo su jo..yi em sa em si ei ming kia!!em ya tiam sia lai ta qie..[youngster nowadays really nothing to those nonsense game!!They should use the time to study..]

Hahaha..this is what i feel it will be reacting by M'sian..anyway, it will be very cool if this really on in DP..I wish to go to see on this coming Sunday!!wheee~

Ps:I'm not promoting to ask people joining,but i just want to share something interesting!=)

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