Monday, June 21, 2010

ღShi Ting's Farewellღ

19 June 2010
The day we celebrated farewell for Shi Ting!She is leaving to Sabah very soon to further her studies for International Business.Once she told us(lydia n me) about her leaving, I poped up with idea of giving her farewell party at Lydia's house.We were incharged to prepare a dish for the party!We woke up in the early morning at 8am headed to Tesco market buy the ingrdients!I just knew that Tesco operation hours start at 8am. List for ingredients?:-
  1. Chicken
  2. cabbage
  3. carrots
  4. drinks(orange juice)
  5. saussage
  6. ice-cream
  7. chocolate chips
  8. eggs
  9. mango
  10. tomato
  11. corn
  12. mushroom soup(tin)
  13. cucumber(japan)
  14. Wedges

Dishes we going to ready are:-

  1. Chicken chop
  2. Vege Salad
  3. Mushroom soup
  4. Fried saussage
  5. Fried Wedges
  6. Chocolate cake

Gah!!There were so many things to buy, and we left out Chocolate Chips that will be using for chocolate cake!It was in the early morning, I was craving for something else to fill in my empty tummy because i was hungry as a bear!*spotted* i bought nasi lemak cost RM0.89 in Tesco!*Ding picture taken for the nasi* Well, the nasi lemak is ok for "nom nom.." ,but it's not "yum yum.." -NO second time-!!We managed to reach home at 10am as we planned!!After i had recharged, i started to work do the vege salad as well as mushroom soup(my session).However, shi ting will be frying chicken, and Lydia will be baking her chocolate cake without chocolate chips and milk !!((:
Owh, Bee yoke who was the one incharging fried saussage and wedges!Besides, she supplied us Donuts as dessert too!to back up the cake huh?!hehe We all were having 5 hours war in the kitchen..One side was busying frying chicken, another side was measuring flour+sugar+coco powder(forgot about milk?)..Another corner was frying saussage,wedges..ME, the one who was holding the cam to video the war by walking here and there like no body business*wink wink*..

My breakfast

Busy decorating...









After 5 hours efforts by all of US


Our lunch was done at 1.30pm

Based on our own creativity, the chicken chop had been decorated as picture shown above!

Lunch time start!!!!yum yum

camwhore started after we finished lunch...

Our dessert was prepared by Lydia!!Spotted the danger's happened in "high class restaurant"!!The pity flies was accidently dropped into juice.Drown to death.The end of it's little life!!*allehluyah*

Melted ice-cream was the next dessert..

We had spent approximately 9 hours for this farewell party..Our tummy was fulled like a balloon!Anyway, we did enjoy it very much with Shi Ting for the last gathering..Hopefully, she did enjoy it!Words for Ting:All the BEST for you in your new place in Sabah..Take care always♥

Moment to credit this people..

*huge round applause*

The End...Goodbye till we meet again!!!=)


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  2. waaaa... thanks for the farewell... *touched* hope to see u guys soon...