Monday, June 9, 2014

Mamee Chef- Malacca Factory Visit (PPP)

Mamee monster roared: “Maaa~mee~...”
Everyone knows what it is whenever talked about Mamee. When I was young, Mamee was a snack for me with only RM0.20. Now, Mamee is an instant noodles for me whenever see it. Mamee noodle always my choice when I had my busy time. It is just simple steps to prepare and fill my empty tummy tastefully. Yeah! Let me show YOU:-

Pick your flavour!!*I’m a lazy person, noodle cup always my choice* teehee (know why i have so many packets, tell you later :P )

Spice up your cup[condiment: prawns, bit-sized tofu, shiitake mushrooms and vege]! –taste of the day: TOMYAM THAI-


Pour boiling water up to about 350ml or just follow the measurement from the inner ring. Okay then cover the lid, and relax yourself for 3 minutes!
Tada!! Stir well, and “check in” into your mouth! Guaranteed, the aroma of Tomyam will threat a hungry tummy oh! :D

Here goes to the story of an event organised by Nuffnang!*sponsored post*
Date: 31st May 2014
Venue: Mamee Double Decker (M) Berhad
Meet up time:7.30am
Event duration: 9am-4pm

It was a fruitful day to me because for all this while I only know the flavours of mamee noodle to choose for myself, the ways to cook it, and the number of packets I cooked each time*chill, I cooked for my notty sister larh haha*.  But, I never actually know how the noodle is being processed from a raw to finished goods until I visited the factory.
According to Kantar WorldPanel, there are 4.2mil (total household of 5.47mil) household buyers in Peninsular Malaysia purchased Mamee-Double Decker instant noodles. Obviously, there are huge supports from the Malaysians. Therefore, Mamee Double-Decker never stops improving the taste of the noodles by imitating “La Mian” technique to apply on the noodles. It is to make the noodle better and springier texture, so they have invested RM80mil into their machine and technology especially on the pulling and folding process like La Mian. Let me show you the processes on noodles and snack! Picha~ 

This is the demo of La Mian making on pulling and rolling if it is without a machine! Presented by LaMian Sifu from China.
The making of curry laksa sauce by MameeChef. A variety of raw ingredients transformed it into an awesome taste! Bravo! Honestly, the smell makes my stomach growling :(

Process: Mixing→ Rolling→ Slitting→ Steaming→ Cutting→ Frying→ Cooling→ Packaging

Yea, the long process to produce a cup of Mee!

This authentic work brings the success to Mamee Double-Decker and Mamee Chef being recognised in the recent time. They were awarded as:-
1) Mamee Chef Curry Laksa rated top10 Best Instant noodles in the World 2014 by
2)      Putra Brand Awards Bronze Recipient 2014 under Food Stuff Category.
3)      Frost and Sullivan Malaysia Excellence Awards Recipient.
A must to pose with my favo snack! Cheezzzzz

Here comes the lunch hour after touring the factory!!
They served Chicken rice ball and Sate for the main course, and all those foods are selling in the Mamee Jonker House cafe too.

Mamee Jonker House was built since August 2013.
They are selling Mamee goodies and foods at the ground floor.

A picture with Mister Potato!! Barbeque flavour, plsssss <3 

Mamee Monster, I not scare you!! *peace*

*Selfie session while waiting our turn for Mamee Workshop*
My companion of the day, Lydia! We never missed a chance to take picha with Ma~meeee....monsterrrr

Tada!!! The first floor is designated as Mamee Workshop.
There are two sections. First section called Noodle Noodle, and it is a room for painting and designing our own Mamee cup noodle, and another section is Mamee Kitchen. Mamee Kitchen is the room for personally experience to the process of making mamee instant noodle. There are mini machines and equipments set up. On the day of our visit, we were given an opportunity to have our own painted and designed cup noodle. After designing the cup, we chose the condiment, and then the workers wrapped it up for us.
Monster Kitchen, apron is ready!

Ohya, don’t worry, they do open the Mamee Workshop session for all to participate, and it is only RM3 per cup. That is also a good place for a family bonding time! J Kiddo will absolutely love this place. Lastly, the visit day ended up with the final session of the day was the contest for Insta hastag #mameechefday. Unfortunately, I did not win it with this picture.
I was caught by this out of sudden, and uploaded the picha to insta #mameechefday without any further thoughts. Haha! Anyway, congratulations to those who won the Mamee hamper!!!

Thanks Mamee Double-Decker for the great day! <3 

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