Wednesday, June 9, 2010

gloomy day

New semester had started.The first day for me going to school is no longer in the mood of excited,however, i'm in the feelings of fear, fear and fear!It's unexpected!!I used to be very happy to go to school meeting my friends especially on the first day of school reopen.On the other hand, this semester that feelings had totally vanished from me!!I'm afraid to step in the school.I'm afraid to face the barriers.I'm afraid to face everything and meet everyone!But,i couldn't just sitting there and shivering for the fears.Things have to solve it.I need to face those obstacles that it had approached to me!I need to think of the ways to curb it!I need to be brave to face everything. Everything is happened and it's not a dream...It's time to face the reality..BE TOUGH is the spirits i need to maintain to get through everything...I beLIEve i can do it..

~Lucky star, please stick with me always~

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