Friday, June 11, 2010

Jolly Friday

Xiao Dre(Dre Parker)

An exhausted day!I went to watch Karate Kid just now with my friends!Honestly, I waited this movie to release for so long..Finally, i got to watch it today.I don't know what make me so crazy on this movie, but in my heart i had a thought of MUST watch it!Maybe the attraction from Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan gua. Anyway, this movie is worthed to invest with your penny!!If you are a student, then you just have to show up your student card to get discount student price. This movie is telling about a kid- xiao Dre(Jaden Smith) had moved to new home in China!Then, he being bullied by a bunch of China kungfu kia kids,and this motivated him to learn kungfu a.k.a Karate!Who is his sifu?of course, the handsome guy called Mr.Han(Jackie Chan)!!If you watch it then you will know what happen next?!..The Jaden Smith is cute in the movie..He is kind of "hitam comel" funny cool when he fight with the kungfu!!Besides, if you are finding some comedy type of movie, i would say you should choose Karate Kid!There are few hilarious parts from the movie!i can't stop laughing it...

I had my lunch in MacD today.My mission to choose for MacD was to collect the glass.*sweat* As usual, i went to the counter, then i asked for the large set burger in order to get the FREE cup!The cashier had given me the GREEN colour glass..awww,i was like "hmm...kak, boleh tukar purple colour tak?" the 'cashier kak' was like said it I only can take the green colour since thats the colour of the day!How dare she answer me so...i saw her changed to the previous customer yet why can't I?because we have a different skin colour?!Without thinking further, i insisted her to change me a purple colour one.. At last, she changed for me, but I realised it was a PINK colour one..I didn't notice it when she gave it to me!!isshh..The reflection from the light turn it looked like purple colour!!how careless am i?*rolling eyes*

As you know, i am a purple freak lover..I wanna grab the purple one soon!

Hui San and me

weird family members

Group photo

we gathered again....

Another great and simple gathering with MMU's gang

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