Thursday, June 24, 2010


I want to complain!!!!!!

Everyday, i have to go to class half an hour early just to fight for a car park lot in campus!!even though i reach ealier in school, it doesn't mean i can enter class on time!!!gosh, parking car in campus is like a war!!everyone is like rounding around the parking area like car security, then if once spotted anyone who going to take the car out, warss will be car tracking the person... another car dart from another direction..However, the person who is going to take his/her car is like feeling so haughty while followers(cars) behind them+walking slowly and enjoying the war show!!damn it!!this drives me crazy...this happen had trained all of the mmu's students on the ways to fight for parking!(the only FREE course in mmu) owhya,my ''beloved'' school did take concern about this matter!!They are so kindly to open another big space of parking area for their beloved students.Anyaway, it is useless!!we have to drive through a spooky lane only can reach the so called parking area!Caution, that isn't tar type of roadway, but some sort of soil then small rocks around...when there are rain, your car's tyre will be muddy...Moreover, that area is not safe especially for girlss...Well, it is far away from classroom too...uuuhhh~hate it....I walk to school better(4km) ....god bless me!!!

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