Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great day..

Hang out with a bunch of friends yesterday!!We went Pizza Hut for lunch, then we went for bowling!!We were seperated in two groups of one group went for shopping,however, another group went for bowling!!I'm in............BOWLING gang!!haha.. My itchy hand had ordered me to choose bowling!!*rolling eyes*Sorry, girlss!!We spent around 1+ hours for bowling,then we gathered back with others!!ohya, i'm so unlucky that i never strike once in bowling!!ish ish..Next, ann, tak jie and me went for window shopping until 6pm something after others had went back!!i'm so happy that i had grabbed four pairs of cute earings from two shops!!*wink wink*
11 of us+ 1 camerawoman(lynn)
the girls
What a ''coincident''?couple shirt of the day..hehe=)
My lovely earings!!
Results will be release very soon
pray hard
worry to the max

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