Monday, June 14, 2010

Contented Saturday+Sunday~

As i mentioned before that yesterday(sunday) there were be freezing activity on at Dataran Pahlawan. The midnight of Saturday, shi ting ''jio'' me to go Dp for the freezing show!Normally, i have duty on Sunday that is i have to fetch my sister go to tuition at the time 12pm and 2.30pm to pick her back!However, the freezing game is starting at the time within 12pm to 1pm..Clash, clash, clash with my duty time!!!Anyway, i still managed to move on my Dp plan after dealing with my sister..hoho!Suppose that there will be 3 of us going DP, but someone went to her sushi meal at Sakura House rather than accompany us.*evil smile*So, there were only me n ting went to watch the show!Once we reached there, we darted to the Dp's field..No ones there!We shocked!"will it the show have started??"We rushed to the stage area of DP mall..No freeze on!!Disappointment seized us!!All in our mind was like "@#$%@ bla bla bla..." Nothing to do,so, we just hanging around with no direction!!uuhh..But, i managed to grab some cheap snack at Giant!Thanks to ting for recommended!!Snack is in need while i am watching World cup. We left the mall at 3pm sister was calling me up to ask about the freezing show!!Especially Lydia, she called and messaged me+ting just to catch up with the freezing show's updates from time to time..We cheated her a story line about how interesting on that shown we watched!!She was like so down on never witnessed with her own eyes!!*how bad we are?!hoho..*fun to fool her sometimes..because she always come up with different exaggerate expression!!*muahaha* You know what?after i reached home, my sister told me that actually there were freezing activity on at MP(mahkota parade)!!Gosh, i was like "huh?i was wandering around in MP from one corner to another yet i didn't see any FREEZE mummies.." here's the prove they had proceeded the FROZEN central of MP mission~ click here!!

Ann's house post box!!

Pressie for Ann!!

Yesterday was my Spaghetti day as well..I cooked spaghetti for my lunch and dinner!it's kind of bored eating the same thing for whole day!!Ingrdients for my spaghetti-mincemeat, sausage, tomato, mushroom, potato~yum yum..Traditional receipe sauce from Prego!It's worth to buy now there are promotion for this brand cost RM9.90 with free one tin of mushroom soup!I guessed this the first time i tasted source from Prego brand..

pasta sauce!

yum yum~

Dessert after spaghetti

There were a reason why i had to cook!!Mum was busy ''wrapping'' her Zongzi(rice dumpling)..So, i have to settle my lunch for everybody!! one praise for my spaghetti, yet everyone concern on the Zongzi.. =P Ingredients for Zongzi-glutinous rice, fat meat(pork), yolk of salty egg, dried shrimp, chestnut, mushroom...It's wrapped in bamboo leaves!!

Zongzi sss

glutinous rice



Bamboo leaves


Saturday, i had a sudden thought to watch FIFA World Cup 2010..If not mistaken the time i switched on the TV was showing match between Argentina VS word "bored"!!I watched for more an hour ,yet there were no ones goal..what i can see the ball was being kicked here and there,but no goal~Luckily, there were Twistie and Mango juice lighten up my mood!!!*wink*
Two pack cost RM1.99! ♥


  1. hey... i nvr knew tat u took my phot... my god...

  2. yaya~hehe!!what to do?PRO spy's girl(paparazi)!!wheee~