Thursday, June 3, 2010

An anxious day...

I'm so nervous now.It is not a good mood to maintain!!unhealty..nervous will screw someone crazy until get heart attack!!(my theory) Owh gosh, i'm waiting him for few weeks ago to wait him show up, but he until today still haven't show face!!Meanwhile, i don't know how to confess my feelings to him if he happened to appear in sudden..what will be the first word i speak out once i see him!!I really "gan jiong"(nervous) to the max!!I have to be prepared on my mood to welcome him!!Soon, i have to face him too!!I'm lost and confuse that i will be liking him more or loving him?sad or disppointed?OR, i will be crying once after i have glanced on him..OMG, i am so lost now!!i'm so worry to meet him!!can i not to meet him?the answer forever will be NO!!I love him, but i do not know does he love me??

are you wonder who is the "him" i'm talking about?
Here goes the introduce..
What is his name?
His name is Mr. RESULT

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