Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gimme Food on Flights

Although i have no chance to take a flight to any country now, i believe in future i definitely will be having the opportunity!Dare to dream!As i knew from my father, he was once took flight to Tokyo for his work.In the flight, there were variety foods served to him!Moreover, he told me he ate Japanese Ramen in the flight!Almost all the foods were served as Japanese's dishes!However, he was so not used to it and he couldn't fill his tummy!In my opinion,if i am in the flight, i wish the dish serve will be the Asian cusine that i used to eat!I guess most of the foods will be served in flight is all western style.For those who love western foods will be enjoying, but for those who dislike western food will be starving to faint!I wish different style of dish will be offering in flight and it will be serving to each person's favour!Meaning, you will be having more choice..As the dish below i wish to take in flight:-

Roti Canai
Wan Tan Mee

That is all foods that we couldn't get it once we step in the flight.Besides, i wish i can enjoy desserts in flight!What's come next after a meal taken?Of course, it is dessert.Dessert is the best thing to delighten a person's mood!However, ice-cream is the best choice!Everyones love it!Different types of flavour provided for different taste of flight's passenger..who will say "NO" then..?

how about ice-cream buffet in flight?awesome huh?

Episode 43

Episode 44

Episode 45

episode 46

Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported P1 and MAS.Never go hungry while flying with Mas.

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