Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dinner with gf...

Hang out with vicky yesterday night!!We had a wonderful dinner at Papa John Pizza at New Jaya Jusco!!There were me,lydia and vicky!!That was our plan to gather since decades ago!!haha..finally we make it!!owh ya..i got to thanks to tong yong for the 15% staff discount for us and the voucher from him, then we got one mini free pizza!!

deciding on which flavour to choose....

while we were waiting for pizza...it's time to CAMWHORE...*wink*

He was proud to show off!!hahaha

group photo...(timer needed for this moment..hehe)

this is special..."apple juice soda"(if i'm not mistaken)

the saurces given..

buy one free(tong yong's voucher) one

salad!!i'm loving it♥

times to start...fork and knife..get ready!!!

After we had our dinner, we went for "snack"!!I don't know should i said it was a snack or scond round od dinner!!*rolling eyes* Vicky was heading to Shilin to haunt for XXXL fried chicken..However, lydia and I were choosen Auntie Anne!!With the help of my J card, we got to buy two FREE one from auntie anne again!Fulled of lucks today huh?!*thumbs up*

Seaweed flavour..super hard to bite, but crispy!!

sour cream and onion!!super soft!!nom nom..

Chocolate mint!!moderate taste!!yumm...

After our small snackss, we went to find my long "lost" friend-Jane!!She is working at Padini man's cloth department..We managed to chat for awhile and of course, CAMWHORE!!although she was working, we still playing around with her!!haha...next, we went to the next shop-FOS to visit Huikim!!Again, another long lost contact friend!!ohya, we did meet LeeChin too!!^^

full used of the mirror...CAMWHORE!!

started to pose!!=)

tried out the hair band!!I was so BLUE that night!!

couple ring with vicky!!wheee

Tomorrow, vicky will be starting for her first day of intenship programme!!Good Luck to her!!=)

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