Friday, January 15, 2010

"Lost and Found"

Something i had missed out for quite long time[roughly 2 years] and without realising about it..the taste..the smell..even the picture of it is fading from my mind(O.0)..Today, i had a chance to meet "them" back[reunion huh??LOL]..*thanks to Mr&Mrs Toh[aka Mei Leng] for the invitation* haha..what's the thing i missed??okay, it's a food that originate in Java, is also one of the favoured delicacy in Southeast Asian countries..Malaysia one of it...

Here's the dish i "lost and found".. =P


The stall of sate[shown frm picture] is located just near to my house[Bukit Baru,Malacca] but i didn't realise about it until i heard from Mr Toh..Another way to spot for the shop is from Bukit Baru's Masjid[mosque]..just opposite of the sate shop.. From the picture you view, you might think that's just an ordinary sate selling out there..but,If you taste it by your own taste buds, then you'll feel the different..okay,first of all, the sliced of scumptious barbeque chicken meat is thick enough for you to munch compared to some stall of sate provided thick oily chicken's "FATs" to swallow ..Morover,the selling price of the sate is reasonable which is only cost RM0.40 per stick.."murah betul??" Of course, there are something inevitable to serve with sate- spicy peanut sauce dip,cucumber,onions,"ketupat"(rice cakes).. *thumbs up*haha..Lydia, do not green eyes there..will be going with you next time as promise ya!!=P

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