Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I love to touch my LG Cookie Plus

It's LG cookie, LG cookie fresh as well as LG cookie plus..
I fall love to the LG cookie Plus in my first sight..know why?The purple color had caught my attention.i'm purple freak!:) I hope i can really touch the 3inches screen with a 240x400 pixels resolution to view my SMS, EMS, MMS and Email that i have never experience before.Then, when i get bored, i can tune on the Stereo FM radio with RDS to catch up with JJ and Ean at Hitz Fm to gotcha somebody!Somehow, the victims from gotcha call just can't accept they are on the path to ''fame'' in Hitz as a fool, they just kept scolding with the word F***k repeatedly..This is kind of polluting my mind!!So, i rather turn on the MP4/H.263 video player or MP3/WMA/AAC audio player to ''touch'' for my favorite song.Moreover, the organizer and voice memo is pretty useful for me!!It's like my "life assistant" to organise my daily schedule as well as remind me of important date.The phone provides HSDPA 3.6 mbps of 3G, then my parents would have no reason to stop me from staying far far away from them!!*wink*Besides, i can snap on any funny picture with 3.15mp camera whenever i want, and i can just send it to The Star Thumbnail online on the spot to win RM50.. *wink*

with this picture will i win the thumbnail RM50?I doubt..
awww...with this picture captured i'm SURE i have to pay him my RM50!!
No worries..LG cookie Plus with the dimension of 107x52.5x11.5mm and weight of 92.5g is able for me carry it and run away from cookie monster's threat!!wooohoooo....

IF this picture appear in LG Cookie Plus's screen, meaning, my DREAM COMES TRUE!!=P

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