Monday, July 5, 2010


Aww damn...what a weird moody day i have!!No specific title for this post, i just feel like want to crap something..I'm kind of weird feeling today.I'm neither in the mood to study nor glance on asignment!I'm having a blank mind with an empty heart along with spiritless of me...eehww..sounds creepy!!where is Jennifer gone??harrlooo....

I receieved a call from TM net today.It's a survey call about TM to ask for feedback on their streamyx product+services from TM to consumers.OMG it's took me around 20 minutes to response their questions by answering "yes...No...YeS","pardon me,do u mind to repeat for the question again...","5...7...8...10"(rating)!!The last was opinion, suggestion, and conclusion!!It's meaningless phone conversation i ever had!!The first time i got survey via phone!Torturing my eardrum!!I should think of way to reject from doing this survey thingy!!

Owh, i went to school today,as usual, i hunt for parking!But i'm lucky today, once i reached i saw a girl was reversing her car!ME, switch on the signal!!tik tek tik tek...waiting happily for the car to leave then im in...Checking on my's only 1.20pm yet i left home at 1.10pm!!=)Meeting at 2pm!!Still early for me to crawl toward meeting's vanue. *Bang..* I saw the car(the one who reversing) was ''kissing'' another car's back!It's not serious actually,just a minor touchy kiss!!I'm not suprise about this happened because this was not the first time i witnessed!No big deal for me me nor the one who "bang" another!who cares? Only the victims will worry on the "kiss mark" if it's left by the opponent?!!*rolling eyes*how bad me saying so!!
It's time for me to go to bed due to Class tomorrow morning=parking hunt again!toodle!Good night World

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