Saturday, October 23, 2010

One week gone!

Zooooooooooommmmmmmm....... It's came to Saturday, and it's already one week started for school reopen!Time flies as well no matter u're having fun or not!How's my time flies off?let me schedule out...*evil laugh*


The first day I step in the school with a sleepy mood because i had woke up in the early morning at 7am for manual add thingy!wtf. To my astonishment(rubbed my eyes twice), i saw there were long queue of students lining up to get NUMBER for manual add!At first i was thinking i'm early to go at 7am..again, I'm wrong!The early bird that got queue number 1 started to wait at 5.30am man!Salute their patient. However, the time started to get in the office manual add was 9AM!&$%^#@ I was glad that i got number 87 rather than those behind who got hundred over!I was mad at the meanwhile to those who ''CUT LINE''..they were thick face enough to squeeze themselve infront, and it's make the front space was enormously crowded at the walkway...On the other hand, the back row was spaciously!That matter used up my day to arranging my time table ADD or DROP!!!hate it to the max!


The day my parents's wallet got bleed!I spent $$$$$ for the workbook. It's WORK BOOK only!T__T No included textbook yet...Im gonna photocopy the textbook illegally!who cares? No class on that day, but i darted to school's bookstore just to order the book! WTF  My money was flying with wings....


Tiring day that classes started at 8am in the early morning untill the night at 7pm!HELL...Luckily, i arranged 3 hours gap between to rest!If not, i would like a non-stop machine keeping on for whole day! It's will kill my brain cells at the end of the day!One interesting class would be the National Dance class taught by a modern looks and a perfect body line of 59 years old instructor!Can't wait for the next class.. What's came in my mind for wednesday? POPCORN!!!gah,night market!i bought three pack.Lydia bought three and Shin bought two pack!Woohoo...popcorn make my day!


Malacca Maju 2010 event!It's holiday for malaccan!Woohoo... I was rolling at home freely!Nothing i can do, so i just blank my mind relaxing at home!Not to forget, playing around with my newphew!He is superb cute. Spending time with him is the best! I did flip through the old THE STAR newspaper that reporting about Budget 2011!

What i realised through out the paper?hiak hiak!New branded cheezy pizza!I'm gonna try it out!Then, i realised the nuffnang announcement the contest on it, and it give me another motivation to taste the latest cheezy pizza!Cheezy pizza wait for me!!!!

My lunch!
  Again, class class class from the morning to night 8.30pm!Totally drag me hell!!!!!!!

Thats my week's progressed!today is Saturday, mummy daddy going for dinner tonight!What's gonna be my dinner?Cheesy Pizza come's in my mind!((: Toodle..


  1. wait for me..i also wan cheessy pizza! wait me..haha

  2. wow your friday lunch is yummy :)

  3. lydia:my sis wanna eat too!:)

    Ken:hehe!yea,it's yum with a reasonable price!LOL