Thursday, October 28, 2010

1st dance...

wooo la la... I took national dance this sem!It's under the cocuriculum subject.As i heard around, dancing is easy to score compared to sport like squash(zero skill on that), badminton(got skill but the test like very hard),volleyball(gonna break my hand),tennis(uuhhh,i don't wanna get sunburnT__T)...After a big turn, national dance the one just to twist ur body shake ur butt and *ding* nah here's ur A*blink blink*...i hope it's as easy as that tho..
 Yesterday, it was my first class that i was so excited to know hows national dance playa round.LMAO! Owh, the dance teacher is a Malay modern look with a perfect body line!i bet you(guy of course) will wheewiitt when you see from her back!But, when she's facing you i guess this she will say to you "boy, i am already 59 years old la..boleh jadi nenek kau" LOL.. I have no comment on her dancing,'s dance like social dance yet not those hiphop or breakdance will gaze on her with your sliva out..*yuckss* The way she turn and twist is perfectly nice!Unlimited praises to her!I will get a chance to take picture with her!hiak hiak..
what she taught yesterday was something simple action like warm up, posture when we stand or even seat(kill my cell man!body ache ar..)!she introduced us few types of song which is mostly from Spain like that. Different tune of song giving out various of feelings, my dance teacher shown us several music which is bringing the excited/happy and sad/lonely feels!everyone can easily got it the correct feels unless you are cold-blooded!Throughout the lessont, i learnt one of the dance which is combination of sasa+chacha!It's cool. Twist your body shake your butt hands up foot up! this comes in my mind whenever i think of DANCE!hehe. The last part i love was she asked everyone to lay down on the floor, close your eyes, and dim the brightness of the room. The environment was so romantic and peace!It's relaxing while listening to the music!seriously!luckily,i'm not falling sleep!wt* Can't wait for the next class!
After class, most of us(lydia,ivy,shin,mary....more) headed to meeting for IVAQ event!Of course, camwhore will never missed out!

lydia, one girl show!
the lazy post!
adv for MEIJI cracker!nom nom crispy!
silly face!testing camera actually!
 Ohya, today was my first class to japanese language!It's "quite" fun and challenging on writting as well as pronouncing it too!Tough and challenging, will i going to survive to the end?uh, hopefully i can enjoying it till the end!I'm wondering hows the drama wouls be?!huulala...Any tips how to memorise Japanese words easily??
*mini wish*one day i can step in Japan and communicate with the japanese people with their language!huhuu :)