Friday, October 1, 2010

DIGI iPhone 4 Play

As you know, I likes to listen to radion Hitz FM, listen to music as well as listen to lecture from mum & dad!Automatically, I always wanted to try to Application for music!No matter in radio or music!I can't live without music!I ♥ music!Especially Micheal Jackson's song!I love to the max!I can keep repeating the song thousand times!Luckily, the Iphone4 with 40hours playback power to support my craziness..Unfortunately, I have not a chance to try on 40 hours non stop music on!
aww...when will be my turn to touch you!
 If i'm tired with my ears to listen,then there are your turn to work off!Me lovely eyes---->Movie, Video, GAMES!hiak hiak...When i'm super bored with the books, especially during EXAM weeks..I could touch for the application for games to "race"(raise) my mood up!Gaming with do you feel?let's feel it...
This is how i feel!
 One more application that make me STUNNED from Iphone4 is the Application for Student!It's ME Me me...I need it!Its like giving me hope in future!I have no worries to be killed by the book's worm!My life will be interesting with iphone4!I can key in any doubts from my little brain to the Brilliant of Iphone to solve it!It's like my life assistant!
The different mood between facing book and Iphone!hehe

So, how useful fo an iphone4 work on!Its help us thousand times!Grab one for it, and it will be the rest of your LIFE's partner!Who say must have a Boyfriend as soulmate?hehe.. Iphone4 will do better!=)
aww...HE own the iphone4

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