Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today, it should be beautiful day for me to do my revision for my final exam!But, pretty mood have been ruined by the Subject Registration activity. The school system really screwed me mad like a crazy girl!The system down,then its ok..I can accept it because thats normal as usual!The worst thing is ERROR message replied after i had click on the subject i want to add!Damn it...Plenty of ERROR reasons..Wasting my time on all this!I hope the school system can be improved a little enough as long as we can add subject, and i don't mind its system slow!isssshhh......


  1. May be to lot people adding subject in one time?hahah..can do manually?

  2. yea..there were same year(intake) with different course of students registered at the same time!It can be done manually,but its take time!haha..

  3. I see...good luck with it kie! Hehe (: