Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm an University Telekom student!

oh my gosh!What is this man!I'm now not a Multimedia student anymore!Is an University Telekom student!It's University Telekom SDN. BHD somemore!swt to the max!I don't like this name very much!!!!!I want Multimedia(though it's not totally equip like multimedia) back!UT sounds so weird to me!Totally strange and weird to me and sounds bad!!Why it's changed so sudden?Is that MMU not enough $$ to operate then transfer the thing to telekom?wt* They should give some reasons to students! We paid every single penny on you one leh, my ex-MMU!T__T

This is so effected us when we are graduated with the cert printed as student graduated from University Telekom SDN.BHD, and it's come worst if we go for a company to interview for a job in other country!uhh, speechless!The 1st impression of the school's words to describe!


  1. hahah sad case, no worries, be happy, that's what you can do now . . .

  2. WHAT?? change name d?? why why why??now only noe!swt!!