Friday, October 1, 2010

DIGI iPhone 4 Real

The third post i have to write for the entries! Here you go the story for the post!
Oh ya, its a breaking news!Everyone is discussing about how REAL is it?
It is very real until spongebob has lost his home!

Thats the mad Yellowish spongebob being chased out of his home!On the other hand, yellowman has the happy time with a bunch of followers with him!How proud of him?! What about the Digi smart plan they shouting about?hmmm....

The answer revealed here..

There you go the super duper reasonable package from Digi!
You have no worries on the instalment at all...Its fit your waist exactly, ''NO MORE NO LESS''!
Of cause, everything that with the reasonable values will comes with the terms and conditions!Again, black and white stated surely is a perfect agreement!

FREE things all around?doesn't that consider worth?!
It's save us a lots of $$$!
The extra money can be always use for others stuff!

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