Sunday, October 17, 2010

Headband DIY!

Headband D.I.Y??
I done it one! Check it out the picture!
It's a simple matched colour by the bright blue with the silver strip instead of putting a huge gem on it!As you can see from my hair clip!So, i put on few tinny gems on it!It's give me the classy feel.. Yes or No, you judge it!hehe..

close up

I had sucessfully done my hair clip and headband D.I.Y. It's so blissful. What left now?my hair rubber band with BOW! okie, you may "jelak"(bored) with my bow's design due to it's common look... >.< hehe... I'm still thinking/surfing for some unique design for my hair rubberband!I want some thing design which is exceptionally relating to bow of course!gah, I'm freak with BOW lately....bear with me! :) reopen tomorrow!Drag me down to the hell!
Alluleyah...i'm not ready to books yet.... T_________T


  1. this is for alicia one?? not rubber band?

  2. nono..alicia one i gave her already!I forgot to take picture!Alicia's bow is different!

  3. nana:thankss=)

    Emily:thank you!:)