Sunday, October 31, 2010

CPA Australia Undergraduate Conference

A conference that i will never regreting attend it in the rest of my life!Am i exaggeratting my feelings?Absolutely a big NO!

Honestly, I was not thinking to be part of this event at first. I thought it will be too much work load for me to particpate another event's committee since i had joined chess competition event as well as Ivaq quiz event!But, after bugging few times from my friend which was the CPA conference's event director, I agreed to join.
Everything went smoothly with the teamwork of the crew's committee!The most impressive part that make me awake throughout(future) my life was the talks given by Mr. Micheal Reyes. He is the CEO from Money Tree company!Money Tree used to train young entrepreneur excel in their business plan. No words to comment about him except ''Thumbs Up'' to praise him!Such an inspiration talks by a brilliant man!Great one, i'm looking forward the coming talks from him.
Such a fantastic experience i gained throughout the conference!
I appreciate it damn lots.♥

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