Friday, October 1, 2010

DIGI iPhone 4 Me

OH MY DIGI god!!!!!
Attention people, Digi is giving out FREE iPhone 4!Who don't wish to own it huh?4.5 inches (115.2 mm) height, 2.31 inches (58.6 mm) weight, 0.37 inch (9.3 mm) Depth, as well as 4.8 ounces (137 grams) of weight!Nice measurement!Who don't want to touch it dude?!I have pressed for my handphone for 20 years, and now is the time to try for luck to own a touch phone till the rest of my LIFE!O.O Everything is touched nowadays, Ipad can touch, Ipod can touch, and of cause Iphone can touch too!As long as the word start with "I" then it must be something to touch!how about Ice-cream then?!o.O oh no, Ice-cream will melt!But, IPHONE4 will let you touch it till the end of your life!Touch for fun, touch for knowledge, and touch for HELP too!

 Unlimited function from IPHONE 4!!
The application will delighting me always IF i own it!Moreover, i always catch up with JJ and Ean all the time to listen on how they GOTCHA the victims!20 years old of me still the same that i alway carry a radio to catch the frequecy of 93.0(malacca HITz. FM)!Pity me T___T

HArLo harlo..... Bizz Bizz...
How good if i'm holding Iphone4 to tune in radio station so that "Bizz...BIZzzz.." will not happen to me!Oh well, radio doesn't function well then i choose for other alternative to kill my boredom!ONLINE!*surfing facebook to gain more information on.....hehe....GOSSIP* But, when there are bad lucks around,then everything will not going on smoothly!
Such as...

sad case!When the line is recover,refresh it..and realise PUAH CHU KANG is in relationship with ROSIE *swt*

If I'm using smart phone such as IPHONE4(hiak hiak)..Surely, the problem will not be happening!This is because DIGI have a smart plan for internet online package!*stay tunned for that!* Well, the repeating on and off with the dekstop computer will cause some sound/voice effect to me!My eardrum will just get burst by the loud piercing sound!Left ear receive the message on.."Jen, you don't keep on and off the pc huh..after your computer spoil i won't buy you a new one anymore!Computer is use for surfing related to ur homework..Bla..BLa..BLA.." Few seconds later, right ear receive message about.."Jen, I heard mum complaint that you are spending most of the time on you know how much its cost for the electric bills....bla bla...blekkk..." The message from them will always the FOC and the same words repeating everyday!How good if i own a smart phone with 5-megapixel to record down or capture photo of their expression EVERYDAY!who cares?Its have the 10 hours power for video playback,moreover, iphone4 has the capacity of 16GB or 32GB flash drive babe!^.< It will even support me when i have a jumping photo shoot man!
trying to TOUCH the cloud! @.@
Oh ya,same goes to the new iphone4 with 3G function!Anywhere you can 3G 3G and 3G..Just imagine my sister get a chance to study in oversea, then 3G(with 7 hours power*wheewitt*) will help me a lot IF i miss her!Hello, IF huh :)
When will be my chance?!*dreaming*let me dream!Don't wake me up pls!
*slap slap..wake up* If there are no phone line/sim card in the phone then how to function the 3G?!Thats why DIGI will be the best choice as the slogon goes to I will FOLLOW uuuu~ once 3G on with Digi, surely, yellowman will appear to do his job!What an efficient buddy!That is why his help in everything which is related to connecting!Iphone can help to SMS,MMS,Email...Not only 3G can be anywhere, even receiving message and mails could be at everywhere i am!It's will be convenient to me although I'm just an undergraduate student!A smart phone with me, its just like a body guard is sticking with me all the time!I can update anything,any news just with an action - TOUCH! One touch, one billions of updates I will gain!
Oh, IF one touch and this picture appear to me!I will surely HEART ATTACK!How dare she(my sis) get herself an Iphone4,yet i'm blogging to win it!:)
 No worries, i can just send the DIGI's yellowman to grab it to me!hiak hiak..Then, i just have to sitting at home, and wait for it!
Yellow man+IPHONE4...I am waiting you~~
Phone can not be process if there are no battery or there are no sim card to support to on it!Moreover, human nowadays couldn't breath well IF they lost their handphone!Perhaps, a chance to win a smart phone, who do not want to fight for the luck?

Aza Aza...fight for it!

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