Monday, October 4, 2010

Wait for meeee.....


Finally, I got myself a personal passport!I remeber when i was young, my passport was merged with my daddys' one!Moreover, there were ages ago the last trip i visited Singapore when im primary one,i guess?!Now, the application of mine new passport will bring me to step in Singapore again!woohoo...Today,although it's tiring to rush on applying the passport, buy bus ticket, change SGD currency, but its all worthwhile.I can't wait to visit the recent opening Universal Studio, and visit to the Merlion park. Besides, there Song of The Sea at night!Of course, there are some night views that suggested by my friends like Clarke Quay, Chinatown, and somewhere near Raffles area.. The foods paradise will be Lao Pa Sat?!I'm not sure..I'm "blind" about singapore area. What i'm sure is I got a place to stay overnight!yeah, accommodation BOOKED!hehe..
Can't wait for tomorrow..3 days 2 nights trip in Singapore with another 4 members of my coursemate!Hope that will be FUN!Woohoo =)


  1. good!! make me so envy..>.<

  2. huh u mean u goin tmr ah ??? i'm goin on wed too wit jane neo leh if gt fate then we meet thr loh ...goin back on sat or sun

  3. Haha...welcome to Singapore...enjoy urself...^^

  4. lydia:jom jom!

    Karnee:really?where u all staying?going universal?oh, my plan on wednesday is Universal Studio!but,im coming back on thursday!=)hope we got fate!