Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tired, but ♥ (:

I'm Back!
Time flies, twinkling of an eyes, I was backed from the 3 days 2 nights trip in Singapore!One word for it AWESOME!I'm fully utilised the every seconds spent there by walking from a station to MRT!Visited few places there, and of course the one i can't miss it- Universal Studio Singapore!

When i was passing through the Singapore custom, i had to go through the passport checking as well as the luggage scanning part!There were mini conversation with the custom's inspector!
Inspector:[he smiled]Hello, i seeing you smiling all the ways..
Me: Yaaa, I'm exciting to step in Singapore!hehe
Inspector:Oh,haha..[shook his head] Singapore is hectic!
Me: aww..really?nevermind, I'm only interested on Universal Studio Singapore!hehe
Inspector:Haha..Thats a great place!I haven't been there yet!
Me:oh, then you must visit there one day!*smile*
Inspector: [laughed] ok, enjoy!
END!Well, a friendly person!*I always thought that 'custom' is a place to be SERIOUS,but he proved me wrong!*

Overall, i enjoyed very much except the accommodation make me uncomfortable!Besides, i hurted my foot!T___T Stay tunned for the post about that!I reached hometown at 7pm today, and it's time to rest!More updates coming soon about how much I USS.
*USS=universal studio singapore*

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  1. u make so want to go there.........T___________T