Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I ♥ USS(Day 2+3)

Second day, everyone was automatically awoke in the early morning!What a great motivation from USS!*wink* After brushed up ourself, we embarked to USS at 8am. Again, we were taking MRT from one station to another, then we took bus from VIVO city to reaach our destination!9.30am, we reached!Ticket counter was not operated yet, but the entrance is flooded with people!10am, the USS entrance gate open, and we were greeted by Woodpecker!Then, we had a great starting with a character of Ghost at the Hollywood street!He actually hunted 5 of us, and we were running and screaming around!okay,it's embarrassing!After few rounds running, we queue up to take picture with him!We had lots of characters met along the way we walked from one to another!Every part had their own unique decoration as well as their games!The most i love is the Acient Egypt-Speed Rollar Coaster!It's awesome!We walked in the building(indoor rollar coaster) in dark and itss a long way till the end we reached the rollar coaster!Then, the story began about the revenge of the mummy!We were feeling like being chased by the enemy!We being rolled and turned like mad in dark!Its chilled and thrilled!I am strongly recommend those who are visiting there MUST try the game!You will regret if u missed it!hehe.Ohya, there was lots of great performance in New York street!The dancer who performed i would rate them 10★!Besides, the were 3D,4D,Monster Rock n Roll show, introducing of cameras by Steven Spielberg, Water world show, accelerator, canopy flyer...One show that i just realised i had missed it was Madagascar show! :(

Our tickets!

Ticket counter!
I'm in Hollywood!
spot the Shrek!wai theng beside me..hiak hiak
our best buddy-Mr Ghost!I don't know whats the character name already!Do tell me if anyone knew it!:)

this how he "cheer" us up!T__T
Popcorn stall!

Mr.Woodpecker messed up my hair!noty him!*hng*

missed out madagascar show!:(

the 3D spect used to watch the Shrek movie!

Step in her to get some magic potions!
bakery shop

cute boy!:)
Donkey house!Here to watch donkey 4D!
4D donkey show!

the flyer
the restaurant i took my lunc
Chicken burger!It's medium size

machine that play song!
Chicken burger!
I love them!They are cool!

New York street
lights camera action hosted by steven!

different types of camera and lights
group picture with Betty :)

somewhere new york city hall
Flying kiss with Marilyn Monroe

this will make u dizzy!
the speed rollar coaster!It's superb high tech n cool!Its-a-must-play!
he had a fierce look!trust me!don't let him spot YOU!
the cutest ghost!haha
how good if the building behind is my home!haha*daydream*
Sherk n Princess!
noty kungfu panda!
1*2*3* POSE!Chiak :)

somewhere near Sci-Fi
Water world show!Away from WET seats dude!They(the actor) really make you wet..don't play play!hehe
have a bite!nom nom..haha
something i bought!haha
No where we went on the third day. We were having a good rest in the hotel on the last day!12pm, we checked out and headed to Bugis to take lunch!We took 3.30pm bus backed to Malacca!We ended our day in Singapore with a plate of Nasi Lemak(singapore style)!=)


  1. Woo... the Frankenstein picture really scary lor lolz!

  2. owh!yea,Frankenstein!thanks monica!Now,i knw his name!He really scary.. =)

  3. look so fun! i'm going this weekend too... =)

  4. wow. so nice. definitely gonna visit it next year.

  5. wow! i only took picture in front of the globe LOL
    definitely going there this dec, or maybe next january! XD