Thursday, November 4, 2010

My new toys!

Wondering what the heck is this?I am actually spending RM35 on this thingy!Its a drawing picture printed on the canvas.What i have to do is just paint it up with colours given and stated what colour to paint!Sound easy as ABC huh?Nope man, i have to paint the little tiny space with different colours. Thats will really strain my eyes and test my patient on it!morover, i guess i would take few days/months/years on this piece to get done!*winks*
I will update here the process of each part i paint!
Stay tunned for it people!
I'm gonna go to observe the piece of picture now!
toodles :)

Damn,i nearly forgot my Cheesy Pizza post!
I will update it soon!
pizzaaaa,wait for me...huhu:)


  1. better play with Photoshop and it much more fun LOL!

  2. it's all personal interest!:)hehe

  3. ouch. i don't paint. for me-yes, real pain in the pocket

  4. can't wait for the output!! i wanna have it too ... but it's kinda expensive >.<

  5. I cant wait to see the result of yr painting :D

  6. Hey all,stay tuned for my painting's result ya!:)