Wednesday, August 4, 2010

30,31 July, 1st August- Pikom PC Fair 2010

My pass to get in MITC!

Does the title sounds familiar to you?hehe..The card was belong to me. I worked at PC as partime promoter for one of the company name CD comp. This was the very FIRST time i work in PC fair. I had enjoyed there for 3 days! As my past experienced was i went there around for window shopping, and i don't really like to stay longer there because the environment was so hectic as well as crowded. Especially when the people were shouting to promote their products. It was like in the morning market selling fish, and some even there bargaining like aunty uncle. However, i prefer stucking at the market more than PC fair!

The first day working, i woke up at around 8.30am. I was in the spirit of working, auntomatically awake by myself although i slept late without parents yelling on me!hehe.. I was so in the mood! After i went through morning routine, i went to MMU to pick some of my friends, and we happily reached MITC!I reached at 9.30am. I saw lots of workers was gathering there with their coourful uniform. However, ivy and I was walking around proudly to look for our company. To our astonishment, we couldn't find any familiar face which is from the CD comp workers.Panic seized us. Few minutes later, we finally saw the shadow of my others friends, and they told us that we had to get in MITC by back door's way. Gosh, we waited there for one hour 15 minutes to get in MITC due to that we don't have the pass card!20% of my mood down..after we getting in, the day's had started..we set up the notebooks and got the brochure then start reading as well as memorising the spec(specification) of every pc displayed!yea, the word "spec" i learnt from customers. The word had frustrated me few hours to think WTH is that.. Nothing special for the first day because there were not much business. On the other hand, the suffered thing happened to me was leg pain should pain..almost like a mummy already!thank god that i got to reach home early around 10.30pm.

Second day, I reluctant to leave my cody bed, and i woke up late!The shouting voice from my mum had awake me. I rolled myself downstair to have my morning routine. Again, the second suffering day. But, it's more interesting day on now. I went to work at the time around 10am +(admit-i'm the latest.who care?). Besides, there were more people came to the fair compared to the 1st day. Again, my duty-gave out the brochure and said:"ACER free antivirus with 3 users.." "Acer notebook 3 years warranty.." "don't support acer,its not a good one"  gah!O.o then, that was the day i face on serving different character of customers.
Type 1- asked a lots of questions about pc's thingy as i'm a professor in IT.Ended up without buying anything.
Type2- asked alots of pc related info then goes to the main point "ada free printer?" "no"i answered.then they walked away!
Type 3- the nothing to do type. i explained"this notebook got free antiviru, 21 items free gifts..." the mak cik answered strictly that "yala..itu free gifts pasti sudah tambah dalam nilai notebook ni la.."
Type 4- explain to them alots about pc around 30 min+ and looks like so wanted to buy, but ended up walked away and passed by us with other company's products(same product as we explained) back happily!=.=''
Type 5- i promoted him a notebook which is latest model name Acer Timeline.I explained to him that the model is different with other that the front is smooth and made by steel, yet others is made by plastic.guess what he answered me?He was in the expression of serious and fear saying that "ni buatan steel?kalau bawa luar nanti kena kilat mati cepat la. u macam mana cakap?" I was like STUNNED!I was so speechless and fed up , then i walked away!omg, what kind of manner as he's a ''milsuM'' old man!
That was all among the cases i met!The experienced that i got through!It's really driving me crazy!Furthermore, i realised that there were missing shoes scattered around the floor. Here the pair i captures. I wonder hows those people walk without shoes!Anyway, it's kid's shoes!

the lost shoes..

the third day lost shoe!
Third day, the happy day among the all!That was the last day i need to stand!hehe..But, that was the day i went back late at 12am something i reached home!We have to clear and move the stocks out from the booth!The booth was ended up like a rubbish collection centre!Now, lets the photo to do the speaking..
our lunch/dinner..
our competitor-free 39 items+antivirus+printer!you miss out?wait for next year=P
my working booth
so called rubbish collection centre ^^
Toshiba booth!the biggest booth for toshiba brand!

the place i have my break time!Stor room=(

the kid who are spending an hour standing there play game!
In conclusion, i have learnt new things through out the working days!i learnt how to treat different customers with different manners. They ask i answer, they garang i pukul!haha...I am kidding! Especially the knowledge about pc i did learn!Now i know what is ram, how to read hard disk memory and whats the latest processor etc!haha..Besides, communication skills are the one i learn lots..Moreover, i get to know further about Ivy!hehe.."kaki panjang tak guna" this is the 'quote' i like to tease her in these three days!Then, she will be showing up weird expression!I did get know some of new friends!bla bla bla... Whatever so, i really gain something that i can't get from books!That few suffering days is worth!cheers!=)

Time to off to bed!Toodle!

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