Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lover's Concerto

A song that i wanted to share to all...anybody will do!This is the song sung by Kelly Chen called Lover's Concerto. I can't stop myself to keep repeating the song XX times. I don't know the song exist, but i just accidently downloaded it from website. Last few days, i was busy making a video for my friend, and i surf around the web to get a song for the video maker. Without my realised, the download button that i clicked was came with two songs.One was the song i wanted, however, the another was this song. But, i was not thinking to listen at first because i worried it may be some sort spyware or virus. I left it a side without listening or deleting it. Next day, i was hunting songs to relieve my moody, and i just clicked on it without hesitation. Slowly, i got addicted on that song, and i starting to repeat listening on it. It's soft and soothe when listening it like a mummy singing lullaby to put a baby sleep.. relieving as well as calming...Nice songDear readers, enjoy the song!Have a pleasant day :)

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