Monday, August 30, 2010

enjoyable weekends in KL

cutest boy c:
I was in KL celebrating my nephew's birthday yesterday. Caydmon, he is 3 years old now. I would say he is such a hyperactive and adorable baby boy. He can really ACTIVE himself for few hours without rest. Naughty face of him will explain everything!haha. Ohya, he is good in explaning and negotiating...don't play play man!
We were served by chinese's cuisine of buffet in Caydmon's birthday party, and there are no pictures taken by me!hehe..Hunger had knocked me to hurried for foods, then i forgot!There were also variety of Nonya Kuih were served. Importantly, its from Baba Charlie. hiak favourite!Especially Kuih Bongkong.Here you go the pictures...

This is home-made by my aunty!yum~
 After half of day i stop this active boy to take picture with me!
YES!!Finally, i managed to grab him n he SMILE with his naughty face!*wink*

Caydmon n me
 I went to Hong Kee for breakfast on the next day!Again, i forgot to bring my camera.
Again, i forgot to look for xiao long pao! :(
Anyway, dim sum from this restaurant is yum~
thanks cousin for the treat!hiak hiak

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