Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Midterm Break!

It's midterm break!Hurray?I have no idea how should i feel it since the one weeks time will be packing with those assignment.Or should i say i'm busying with drama?
The first day of midterm break that was Saturday, I had my last subject of exam as well as that was the day of LG Cookie Monster party!I'm invited to the party, but due to some problems had constraint me can't manage to attend!Kinda regret=( The next day that was Sunday, I ''dated'' with drama for whole day!One of the character in the drama had fascinate me to went on episode to epsisode until my eyes gave me warning signal!hehe..The drama entitle "谈情说案" in chinese!It is a Hongkong series!Finally, i finished the drama!love it!Professor King~awww...
AArrggghhhhh...I still havent finish my assignment!!I have to put more effort on it this few day to finish it!Go go go~ toodle!
-crapping post-hehe

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