Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rainny day

Tapai Pulut(if not mistaken)
How it's look like?here u see^^ best served after cooling it from fridge.
-unknown-but,its delicious*thumbs up*
butter Swiss Roll

Thats my day started with variety types of Nonya kuih from Baba Charlie as breakfast.
The unknown name of the famous biscuit from,i don't know what should i categorise it, and its taste more like fried onion+garlic little salty little sweet as well as its crispy, but the bread is hard one!tired of biting it...pity my me Fairy tooth.. T__T okie, thats my lunch! Then, the butter flavour of Swiss Roll as my my high tea time...
dinner?i'm waiting for it...


  1. why ur tapai look like this one? not white one?

  2. white and got little blue also!then got the gula melaka taste...owh!heaven man!!my dad bought a box of different nyonya kuih!feel like wanna eat more...