Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Great week!


Time flies in the twinkling of an eye, and there are coming to the end of Gamma year 1st sem...Meaning, exam is coming soon!Anyway, before i get into "nerd" day, i had fully utilised my last week with books-unrelated-stuff.That is the reason i have neglected my bloggy a side!Begining of the week, i went to celebrate Wang's birthday at bowling centre with a bunch of buddies.We cheated Wang to play bowling, and we manage to prank wang with the bowling bally that we bought for him. Here the story goes..We all gathered at the bowling centre at MITC!Before Wang reach, we had hide the bally at a corner... When he reached, we used some ways for him to spot the bally and he came up with the idea to steal away the dare him?!Of course, by the moment he stole the ball and kept it in his car...We were started to sing"happy birthday to you.....~"Dang dang...he was shocked and embarrassed at the same time because he actually stole his own ball!HAHA. After the wishes 'ceromony' to him, we proceeded to play bowling.After 3 round we played, we headed to MP to have our BRUNCH!The birthday boy choose SHIBARAKU!We dined in like big gangster then settled down at front of a big pan. Easily spotted every single foods around us. Moreover, there were a macho chef infront showing his cooking skill!fulamak~
picture with Shibaraku's fake APPLE!Hey apple...nyekkk hahaha...
my 1st round
fried gang~haha
Shark Fin Soup?
u're wrong!Something alike but definitely not SHARK FIN..cheez
the gang..waiting for sifu cook some dishes we ordered!
sorry,no picture for that!
this best!something kuih famed in Taiwan
Ice Kacang by Lydia, Kai Loon and Me
the 'best' in Malacca!=)
picture with birthday boy aka bowling stealer!muahaha
group picture!
  Then, the next activity for my last week was Team Building organised by Accounting club!It was charged RM28 per person.I will list down where did every single piece of ringgit spent on!This activity was launched at Gunung Datuk Rmbau in Negeri Sembilan.Its only took roughly 45minutes to reach!That was Saturday, I stretched my eyes big at 6.30am morning just to get ready!After packing, i drove to school to get a nice place for parking in order to avoid ''SAMAN''!Gathered in school and after all the procedure of filling form bla bla bla...We were arranged to get in bus!Purposely or not, few of my friends and i were seperated with our gang by the organiser!who cares?Once we reached, we were welcomed by BULL's SHIT just at the bus's exit!Stay tunned people, the looks of bull shit will be revealing later!Next, we had to walk in a long way to reach a small hall where the person incharge for the activity were waiting us!While walking to the destination, i took a short video!

The funny thing i feel was the action of Mary and reaction of Ivy!haha..While we were reached the hall, we were given a welcome speech by person in charge there!Afterthat, we were divided in four groups!The games we played were drew our group's flag,given a pack of stick then tie it up to compare for the tallest one, given papers and cellophane tape to combine it as longer way to filter water in a basket,7 people step on the paper which will be folded to smaller size when level up, water balloon pass around without breaking it, act and answer game, collect the most balloons from the pool!Thats the games, then we were given time to clean ourselve!Next, teatime then dismiss!Overall, we did utilise our penny(RM28) on that pack of sticks,big sheet of mahjong paper, marker pen, string, cellophone tape, scissors, balloons, eggs, FLOUR, sweets,chicken curry, salty fish, rice,vege, orange juice, curry puff, donuts(sweetest in the world),utility's bill, toll's fee,petrol fee,bread,mineral water....Great,penny gone it's ok as long as we enjoy..did i say enjoy?!Umm..kinda enjoy for some part and of course there are the part that i'm mad on!In my opinion, in gaming, spontaneous plays an important role!Surely, there are loser or winner in a game, but it doesn't mean u lose forever or win forever too...halo, it just a GAME!If u're not sporting enough to bare the word LOSE on you then u are either win for all or go back sleep!Once u are lose, u just have to follow whats winner said as set in the rules before played, and the most in ur mind u just semangat bit for the next game to WIN!However, i don't find it people in the game all are spontaneous, yet they are like to shout or i should say WARN you if you punish them how how how then IF happened that they win they wont let u alive!OMG, the punishment given by winner is just dancing/singing, yet its not asking you to jump off from KLCC tower!Especially for those who not following what winners had instruct to do!Damn it stupiak!Really geram!one more FLOUR!i got the punishment from that section,nevermind,just take it since we lose!the punishment goes to only particular team can punish the instructed group!and another rule is EACH MEMBER CAN ONLY SPLSH THE FLOUR+WATER ONCE to the bunch of losers!Anyway, i still spotted some of them splashed twice, but its fair that some others did not take part and just treat it as ganti!But, one thing that i dont like was i saw somebody from others group member was also involved punishing us by splashing on people he/SHE don't like!WTf!he/SHE had totally broke the rules!I am always wondering does the person think of if all this that u did to others happened to you urself then what will you feel?haiz...sad to those people....Anyway, im just wasting my time on crapping those non-sense to unrelated topic..If i would like to really give a feedback on -ve comment then 3 days 2 nights will just enough for me to finish the paper!=D On the other hand, i was glad that i went to this team building had actually gain me some unforgetable memories as well as experience!Thats the day to relax by walking close to mother nature and away from the hustle and bustle of hectic i too hyperbolize on my describe?plan a day trip to Gunung Datuk Rembau, then u will feel it...cheers
Famed BULL shit everywhere!

After 45min journey...
on the way up to the hall..
We were the front batch reached the hall..
Discussing the better ways for water flow~
We did it!I'm proud of to be the team member!=)
next game!teamwork play a vital role!
Again, we did it!=D
everyone busy dealing with exchanging cards..  

accept the punishment spontaneously...*peace*
Stay green~me with crystal
enjoy the lunch!
JLS reunion!Roxxx
Again, for me is very simple in everything...I always love to enjoy the process more than what we get!IF you are in with the team which is friendly, happy go lucky and always keep with happy face, then it's much more worth than to join a team which is just dying to win!=)Of course, that is not fooling all the time...when the time to serious we serious,however, when the time to play, then enjoy to the max man!Especially with my team i got to know few of friendly people called 28 gang!haha..

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