Saturday, August 14, 2010


Lunch with my buddies(viki&lydia) today..what's our makan spot?
Mac Donald
We supposed to have lunch together last week.However, i was not feeling good, so we postpone it! Soli my dear friends..Anyway, we make it today!One of the purpose going Macd is to try the new brand burger-GCB!thats the one lydia feak out for weekkksssss...After GCB...umm...nope,mine is Mac Chicken..So, after mac chicken, we heading to duyung to have my haircut which i was mumbling for months..fulamak! Finally i shorten my hair!No different, but it's just short with layer shape!

Ohya,my naughty sister aka another GCB freaker!Don't ever ask her what food to suggest you for a meal!Her answer will be G-C-B!

This cost RM12.50 one set!
(cost of two normal RM6 Mac Value set... )

GCB= GCP(Grilled chicky's Pocket)

no matter how great is it, we still have to send it to Indah water tank at the end of the day!haha...but as long as you satisfy and happy about it...who cares?


  1. fulamak..ur sis really GCB freak...i think i ate once can d...haha

  2. of coz lo...if not ur pcket also grilled!hehe

  3. haha..ya lo...already grilled from right now...