Saturday, August 7, 2010

another jolly Friday

Rainny Saturday morning..i was so reluctant to leave my cody bed and i just squeezed myself under blanket. Since today has not end yet, let me talk about my history yesterday..
I went to watch SALT yesterday. I have no comment for that because i am kind of dismay on the outcome from the movie!I thought it will be having very new cool action with a very fantastic story line. However, i felt that the SALT by angeline jolie is kind of same as her past movie, but there are still some action by her was great! The story line is quite blur at first...em..maybe thats the suspecting part of this movie in the begining that we will be curious whether Evlyn Salt is an agent or a spy!Somehow i still feel that the suspecting part had screw me up to confusing!maybe my brain is not the quality brain can't twist fast T___T   In the end, i am still crawling out from the cinema with the blur minded because the ending was like no ending. Salt had save both president of Russian and U.S. She killed part of the defectors, and the end she being caught by her boss,Ted!Ted believe her explaination by releasing her away to settle more of the defectors still alive.thats THE END!um..ya..thats the end!I am still thinking will it be SALT 2 coming soon?
Before the movie, we went to have our brunch. We ate the lastest flavour's pizza with meatball around!There were lunch time and the pizza hut was fulled with customers, but lack of's make us waited for 15 minutes,and the foods served after 20minutes.Especially the waitress there are so ego, and they were rude when serving food! WTH!It's make me hate to dine in pizza hut for next time*piss off*
the latest flavour pizza!
three of us outing!

We went to pasar malam(night market) at around 6pm!The so called longest/biggest night market in malacca!I hunted some foods there for my dinner!however, the aunty Ivy bought her popcorn with long long queue!Then, i bought fried carrot cake as my dinner with small dishes of keropok lekor!LMAO...but then, at night i went supper with my family!fat me but i only ate mixed fruits ICE blended ~thats my day.. ^.<

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