Wednesday, January 13, 2010

sem break~

3 weeks semester break is coming to the end soon..Next week will be the starting of 3rd semester[long sem]..The hustle and bustle of "school" life alive again..Moreover, i'll be serving for Mr and Mrs. Assignment[coursework] again endlessly..Anyway, i did enjoy three weeks free times..fully utilize??kind of.. This sem holidays i went for two awesome movies in cinema 1)Alvin and The Chipmunks II 2)Avatar..i would say 10 thumbs up[alien =P] for the both movies... chipmunks was the hilarious one, however the Avatar more on romance[some part] and patriotic for their natives..

Besides, i did go for shopping few days continuously[almost for 3-4 days with a days gap] friend and I went to mahkota parade+dataran pahlawan[the only choice in malacca]to hunt new clothes+shoes for CNY[chinese new year] sake...but i would say the two huge malls, there are only fews shop is attracted for of it is Kitschen[shop that spending us more than one hours++ trying baju LOL]..In addition, i did spend some times on reading to gain extra knowledge[watching drama more..=P]..of course,main point to brush up my language =D..

Thats the last shopping with Lydia+Lynn i guess since the school is reopen very very soon..2 days more...sob!!Anyway, outing with them were really so muchie fun..Thanks buddy for accompany~ Have a nice day my dear readers!! :)

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