Saturday, January 23, 2010

buddy's outing..

Another outing with Lydia and Blurlynn yesterday..As usual, we were hunting for baju..Again, Mp and Dp the only choice.. Lydia bought her favourite pants which is latest vogue=) Afterthat, we were loitering aimlessly from Mahkota Parade to Dataran Pahlawan to Carefour then back to Dataran Pahlawan..owh, I had tried Chicken and Cheese Paratha[first try]..It's savored of cheesey and mayonnaise..hmm..rate it 7/10 for the paratha.. =) However, lydia+sis ordered Chocolate Strawberry Paratha...

The latest decoration in all about Chinese New Year.. Once you enter the mall, the chinese new year song will simply vibrates your eardrum and change you into new year mood....So,are you ready to welcome Chinese New Year???

While Lynn was trying her singlet, we were trying to shoot for the "multi shadow" from the MNG fitting room..It's fun.. xP

*danger* Caution when you're choosing seaweed because the greeny seaweed is look alike with the scourer pad that people left it there!!!=D Do not grab it the label first..
♥ Bak Kut Teh+Yam Rice??!!
We took this as our lunch before we headed to ''shopping paradise'' *swt*


Yam rice-RM1
it's look inviting for you??what's in the bowl of soup??no worries,the video below will answer your doubts...enjoy ya=)

Sisters battle in Carefour..OH MY GOD!!

xoxo~GAME OVER~xoxo

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