Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Roti Naan

Naan with potato+cheese
Naan with butter
If u think the picture i shown above is Roti Canai, then you're wrong...It's Roti Naan!!!I didn't know about this type of roti exists in Malacca[world??=D] after being told by my sister..
During Christmas eve's after countdown at Xuan's cafe, my friends and I dined in a noted restaurant which is serving scrumptious Naan and Tandori chicken-restaurant Pak Putra[pakistani spot].. From the appearance of Naan, it's looked alike Roti Canai but Naan is thicker sheet.. there are several taste[or flavour?!] for Naan as well such as Naan with butter, cheese, garlic, or potato(mashed of course)..and comes with dahl..Besides Naan, there are also Tandoori Chicken which is famed from the restaurant too..however, the chicken can be served with either Naan/ nasi biryani or other side dish recommended there..*thumbs up*

Nasi Biryani
Tandoori Chicken

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