Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday, we were having farewell party for Jia jia Wei wei at Mahkota Parade Seoul Garden. He's leaving to New Zealand to further his studies in Graphic Design[i guess..but it's something related to design]..He will be staying there for two and the half year there.. ok,back to the topic..where am i?[at home of course d:]..we were gathered at DP around 5pm something then we had met su ann[fated btw ♠me n ann♠] there..She's shopping with her cousin and bf..After crapping around,we proceed to Seoul garden[small kitchen for us to learn cooking?]..why do i say so??
It is because we have to cook our food first before send it to your Big Mouth..There are grill and boil[2 in 1]..No experience in cooking??don't worry..just ''throw'' the foods in the grilling??or boilling?? part that you want and WAIT for the foods cooked..How to know it's cooked or not?? theory:
Boiling part:once the soup is boiled[reach the boiling point..100 degrees celcsius?],it's ready to serve in mouth...
Grilling part:once the meat turned black,it's cooked..BUT i don't use to grill because...urm..i don't like grilling foods??no..It's my favourite okay!!the reason is..most of the time i used to grill i will tend to forget on watching the things i grilled whether it's needed to turn over or it's cooked or not..So, everything will be ended up in charred condition..Well, i still got the moment which the foods is pretty nice cooked+yummy..because those were sucessfully 'save' by Bee Yoke..hehe*blush*okla,i just lacked of mini MINOR skills only...I still can practice more then will be perfect!!I believe...i can!! in future =)
Wow..Bee Yoke is the best in cooking among us..another way to say is she's qualified as FULL TIME Housewife...hehehe!!Another one is Jia Wei..househusband??...Those mee and rice that fried by them were least better than me and shi ting..hor?agree lydia?urm..i have no comment to lydia because nothing special she had cooked except making the Ice Kacang without remind me of filling the Gula Malacca..*swt*Do visit
lydia's blog for the tasteless dessert..LOL Besides, we were having two session of cooking competition between ME vs Bee Yoke as well as Shi Ting vs Jia wei..
Oh ya..there were some thing very special did by Lydia too..That was posed the most "geli"[disgusting] look with the foods..Again, competed between shi ting..Hows they look like huh??here you go....eehheewww~
There were fews video captured during the prcess of competition..wanna watch it??catch up with lydia's blog again..She will be uploading the video..pls forgive my laziness...♥♥ After the competition , we were so tiring and resting before we grabbed for dessert..*ice-cream[my favourite]* some funny thing happened!!Watch this out..

Get astonished??or thats lame??depend on you.. =P

***THE END***

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