Sunday, January 17, 2010

Kuih Kapit[Chinese Love Letter cookie]

Chinese New Year is coming soon..i believe everyone must be busying clean, tidy as well as decorate the house to the CNY mood..Definitely, baking will never left out too for this festival...My mum's baking[one of the cookie] plan had done today..That is KUIH KAPITaka love letter..

6.45am this timing to wake up in early morning is not happening to me for a long time already until today.. "jennifer...~" yelled by mum..yet i didn't answer her because i will always thought that someone was shouting at me in dream..I awoke at last too after poking by mum..i was so reluctant to leave my cozy bed as well as so wish to continue my sweet dream but i have no choice since i have an order from "madam Mum"..I had to accompany her to market due to mum need materials to bake the "Love Letter aka kuih kapit"..=)

owh,i would say the most disadvantage of doing this kuih is you have to face the heaty bbq stove for few hours..OMG..this is suffering..salute to mum that she can stand the thing for approximately 6 hours yet i only helped for around 2 hours..
*naughty sister* always the assistant[loyalty??depend on her mood then:)..]she's incharging on folding part..fold it in "love letter" shape?..thats penang style..However, malacca style is different*rolling type*...=) The whole process of doing it was kind of tough but it's worth... =D

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