Thursday, January 28, 2010

easy peasy lemon squeezy..

still using nowadays??i believe most of you will not choosing this for your room..
owh..this is the one to replace the oldish fan huh??
oh gosh..this is the first invention computer..i guess no one using this in the WORLD?!
yea..the mini laptop which is promotion everywhere, and more users are choosing this rather than the previous one..even in a "kopitiam" you can also spot people playing with it while eating..LOL
Inventors is getting more creative day by day..
Technology is getting more advance and scientific..
even cutting an apple there are another easy peasy way..
few cuts only can get several pieces..
If i can get 8 pieces in one cut..?!!
believe it or not??
Here's the way..

what a creative's so convenient!!
especially for me[the lazy girl..hehe]
Thanks to the inventor!!!=)
"Thing is getting easier,Human beings are getting lazier"

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