Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AssignmentSssssss... =(

owh..such a busy busy semester..Tonnes of assignments is pilling up..Though it's a long sem, maybe some of you may think that this sem will be having more free times or more relax?!i would say NO..Longer sem,automatically more subject[5 to 7??] we need to register for it..However, this semester i registered 5 subject..yea, 5 subject only compared to my friends who taking 6 or some even 7 subjects..but this 5 subjects is not as easy as 123 like previous sem..isn't simple anymore but complex..isn't a pain killer but a pain attacker to us..5 subjects with complicated deeper content..some is totally fresh to me..2-4 group assignments and tutorial's work some more for each subject especially advanced english*damn it*...Besides, every subject we have to present tutorial question's answer during tutorial session..Of cause, everyone have to participate it..I'm so not willing to do presentation[especially Financial accounting and reporting individual presentation is coming soon in April to hang myself in front of the class for 20minutes..] I have no choice,but to do the best.. what's the threat??5% marks..O.o that's not as simple as we always dream for just sitting there and some one will just spoonfeed you to full..A sucessful person is glamorous from our views..but how much effort has the person paid off is an unknown or i should say it's infinity??!.. =) Importantly, we must stay in positve mind whenever faces problem, and with the spirit of never give up..strive it till the end!!! It's midnight now, everyone is having their sweet dreams yet i'm still staring on those assignment's question..So,when i have cracked my head to the critical condition, there are always some one accompany me as well as comfort me..Today, you are the one...


Take a break,have a "biscuit"[replaced KitKat]=P

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