Friday, December 4, 2009

part of memories...♥

A asked "eat what??" B answered "anything" C suggested "burger.."
Automatically, MacD will appear in eveyone's mind...It's common!!Happened to me most of the time too"burger freak huh??@@"..staying in malacca for almost 10 years, various of burgers i ate such as burgers from MacD, Burger King, A&W, MarryBrown, and even burger from KFC..Few days backtuesday i got to try so called RAMLI Burger a.k.a Ixora Burger which is only sell at night!!wondering why i drove so far to get a burger??6km way frm my house.. There are reason behind it..i was rushing cyberp assignment with group members,so Ixora burger was my dinner10pm smthg):.. Here's the "Big Mac" i wanna show off... =p

*RM2.50-Ayam special* two thumbs up=)

In a nutshell,i wanted to say that from cyberP group assignment i refresh my eyes to a bunch of new friends, upgrade new stuff to my brain as well as new treat for my taste buds..♥

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