Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Hohoho...Merry Christmas people all around the world~ Before i start about my Christmas eve celebration story....i would like to share two short video clips first..

Haha..yup,the guy in video is Jia Wei on the's just a mini small band in Xuan cafe!!not really stage..hehe!!Why he's there??'s started from the matter of getting a "chair" to stick his buttock..Then Bee Yoke had suggested him to take the chair from the bands which seemed extra there..Without hesitation,Jia Wei went up to ask from the singer..we were like "oh my cool of him"..Then, the singer there invited him to join on the stage countdown+sang a song-"Jingle bell"...wooohooo...XD

P/s:more photo+details will be coming up in next post..

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