Friday, December 11, 2009

Rockx & Roll...★★

Yesterday night,a message from Sheng yi via facebook:"make sure u all don't be late arr..must reach at 8pm sharp..if not dance on table.." i was like "oh man..this couldn't be serious weiii..." haha..We were celebrating Sheng yibelated and Lydia Kangadvance birthday last night at dreambox, Dataran Pahlawan!!This was planned by Sheng yi since last month, and it's suprised to Lydia...haha..What a nice celebration plan..!!People who went for this party included jia wei, heng hse, mei kei, theresaMK's fren, shi ting,bee yoke,lydia,sheng yi and me!!owhh..due to some reason we[me,ST,LK] reached late and car park around dreambox block was fulled..Eventually, i gotta park my car somewhere far away from dreambox block..arrgghh...Anyway, we got a ride by heng hse to get my car at around 1.20am..Thanks Heng Hse..If not i can't imagine what's gonna happen to three little girls walking at midnight silence long way and no cars on the roadside but "mat rempit" scattered around the pathway~As we know, nowadays security is no long safe anymore compared to past old time huh??!!okay, those craps is boring my dear some photos to share:-

Birthday PARTY began....

p/s:bee yoke left before birthday party due to transportation problem...too bad..):

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