Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jolly weekend...

Hurray..I got to taste mum's "homemade" cookies again..such a long time she stophalf of year=P for baking especially some kuih-kuih,butter cookies,chocolate almond and more..part of the reason was my sister's laziness too..[she's my mum assistant for baking..hehe i'm the TESTER*whee*]However, this weekend mum was so in the mood to bake then here came the 1st cookie she did Chocolate Chipss Cookie..

*the mixture before adding chocolate chipsss*

*dough after chipyyyssss*

*small teaspoon scoop from the chipyyss dough unshape cookies(:*

*hhoho..times to keep it in my ''Tummy''*=))
Don't judge "cookies" by it's "appearance"-taste yummy[sincerely] ((:

Thats the end for cookies..Now, the 2nd thing mum made today was Onde-Onde ..This was her first trial to do this "kuih"...This time i'm helping mum to boil the onde-onde instead of tester..hehe..Although we managed to form the shape/pattern,unfortunately, the taste was not so nice!!However, the "gula melaka" in the ball was not melted.... Anyway... good try la ya..=)

*colour from Pandan leaves*

*gula melaka*

*desiccated coconut*

*dough-made from glutinous rice flour*

*boiling Onde-onde*[part that i'm incharging..=P]


It's look great but taste awful and it will equal to nothing..As a saying goes "Don't judge a book by its cover" and it is matter to thing, food or human being..

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