Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tang yuan festival aka 冬至[Winter Solstice Festival]

Tang yuan festival is here again,today..when mention about this festival,automatically, "oh, getting older" this will come into my mind..why will i think so??hmm..maybe it's had been mindset by mum because every year she will be telling us[me+naughty sister:P] that "after eating tang yuan u all will be getting one year 'grow-up' ..and mummy ar getting older ady lo..time past so fast,last time see u all were young....bla bla bla" anyway, it's nice to be listened the golden old sweet's memories againevery year==" ..haha..okie,back to the topic..Hmm..how do i celebrate this festival??hey,people...this is not a very huge festival celebration by everyone...If i'm not mistaken only the buddist religion will be more concern on this day due to we aka me need to pray for our ancestor+God..hehe..Yesterday,i helped my mum to 'twist' the bally[by using glutinuos rice flour to make it in dough]..there are colourful of bally in one bowl..whitey,greeny,pinky and more.Here's some picture to ease the process of ur imagination ya...LOL


*purple bally was made by me...is Mine-only ONE-*

*the naughty sis =P*

*obviously,this bowl is mine...spot the purple bally..owh nice*admit i'm purple freak*!!*

Tang yuan festival is getting end after today and there will be arriving of Christmas celebration..*woots* Sadly,i have no plan for christmas eve yet...haiz...time waits for no man..the year of 2009 is getting end soon..9 more days left for 2009..Besides, thats the ending of my 2nd sem too after the last subject for final this coming thursday....okie,better back to my bookss now...byeee :D

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