Monday, December 14, 2009

A ''lucky'' day...~"Duri" runtuh~

Obviously, everybody familiar to the above picture??or maybe some of you are receiving it oftenly.. hehe..Today, i was "lucky" enough to receive onewt* ..i parked my car around the St. Paul hill there,and i forgot to put car park coupon..ok,for your information, i'm not free enough to drive all way there to "earn" summon bill...LOL :D Actually,i was bringing my Penang's aunty to visit so called "A Famosa"-historical buildings of the tourist spot .aka. POLICE spot huh??We were wandering there for approximately 35minutes bad luck am i!!I'm so forgetful..ish ish...Anyway, after dropping my aunt+mum to home,i went to pay the bill at MBMB which is located beside Jaya Jusco..thank god i only need to paywaste RM5..Thanks to Zi Ling too for the information about pay on the day we got summon by MBMB can reduce the sum of penalty..

*Here is the place i ''donated'' my 5 u can see, there are few officers there with only ONE counter available!!thats spirit of 1Malaysia to 'work' together.. =P*


  1. hahha...last friday i kena RM100 from mbmb then last sat kena police traffic RM100 also. I'm sooooo unlucky la...i hate MBMB officer and Police!!! Yesterday is my 1st time to go police station...ARrgh...throw my face...

  2. oh my god..u lagi "jia lat" come ur MBMB one will kena till RM100???yea..go that kind of place really throw face..luckily that day i went MBMB quite many ppl went there to pay summon..negek ngek~

  3. coz i parked the place that is not a parking slots...different kesalahan then differen amount lo..