Thursday, December 10, 2009

"durian runtuh" =P

[phone conversation happened few days ago...]Ring Ring...."halo,jennifer ar.. 'sa ehm'[hokkien my aunty Sally] here..wanna ask u there got GSC cinema or not? ".."got dataran pahlawan there..why?".."owh..ah junemy cousin got two free Mulan movie ticket but only usable at want or not?the movie was out a week ago la..u try check online whether it's still showing or not k..monday i would come back to malacca and pass you the ticket ya.." "err..owh okie okie!!thanks..bye" okay,i would say that i'm lucky to "win" free tickets for that day...*craps*LOL..To be honest here, i really do not know there are Mulan movie showing in cinema lately..ok,i admit i do not read or even glance the newspaper once recently..Most of the time i was staring at the 17 inch flat+old screen monitor of my dekstop..People, don't look 'UP'Antonyms of DOWN huh?! at me..i'm not rushing assignment or studying online notes etc...i was watching Ghost Whisperer Season 5...ngek ngek..=P *acted by JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT leng lui=)*

*two entrance tickets*
Today, i accidentlydon't have the habit on checking mail=P open my mail box and accidently noticed there's a mail tutor- MR. LIM POH WING..O.O i was wondering and thinking what will be written in the mail.??is there problem for my assignment??bla bla bla...once i CLICK and this appeared...

Dear students,

Good day. It's coming to the end of our trimester. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your patience, understanding, co-operation and commitment given to me and your BMC 1024 tutorial. It has been an enjoyable moment to spend time with all of you for this trimester. Please accept my sincere apology if I have annoyed or hurt anyone of you in a way or another. Kindly participate in the academic evaluation exercise as well. I hope you guys will make me change my impression towards accounting students. I wish everyone of you all the best in your coming final exams. Merry Christmas and good luck!

*my tutor for BMC*

I would like to say that i'm so lucky to be taught by him this semester..i did gain a lots of extra knowledge from him especially in languages as well as usage of right vocabulary in sentences... Lastly, THANK YOU very much sir...

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